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5 Trendy Tops That Deserve a Place in Your Wardrobe

VERO MODA is one of the famous European clothing brands known for its high quality and affordable prices tailored for young women who want to show off their individuality.

Fashion came to us in many forms through social media. Fashion designers have also been curating the best tops for women in addition to influencers.

Stylish Tops for Women That Are TikTok Inspired

  • Pink Crop Top

Crop tops were all the craze in Tik Tok’s prime and still are thus today.

The team at VERO MODA created it easy by providing one. It’s hassle-free and simple to wear without fear regarding wardrobe malfunctions.

Adding borderline jewellery to the present crop top can elevate your outfit. You’ll be able to wear it with blue jeans too!

Here’s what we picked for you:

  • Very-Berry Pink Crop Top
  • Marquee Pink Strapless Front Bow Crop Top

  • Red Floral Ruched Top

Ruching was a hallmark trend in 80’s fashion. Kim Kardashian wore a ruched dress to the MTV music award and Met Gala too, and nobody could stop talking about it. Many TikTokers enjoy it, including Addison Rae, an exceptionally bubbly personality.


This dress is sweet, sexy, and savage, featuring a floral ruched top.

You can buy it from the website:

  • Mineral-Red Floral Ruched Top 
  • Green Ruched Knot Detail Top
  •  Black Ruched Top 
  • Pink Ruched Top
  • Green Tie Dye Puff Sleeves Top

Everyone knew tie-dye was going to be a big hit. We’re seeing a lot of vintage styles again, and combining the two would be great. Here’s a stylish top for the lady who loves to follow trends.

Two colours are available for these puffed sleeves tops.

Here’s what we have picked for you:

  • Mineral-Green Tie-Dye Puff Sleeves Top 
  • Sheer-Lilac Tie-Dye Puff Sleeves Top

  • Front Twist Crop Top  

When Kylie wore a T-shirt with a knot on it, we never imagined that a T-shirt could look so simple and yet so sexy. 

There are so many different versions of this stylish top for women. But our favourite pick is this one. 

You can combine them with formal trousers with a straight-cut or casually with suspenders.                                 

Some of our picks you can buy online:

  • Bright-White Front Twist Crop Top 
  • Green Front Twist Crop Top 
  • Black Front Twist Crop Top

  • Sheer Tops

In retrospect, sheer tops have always been a fashion staple, and it seems that they never go out of style because they manage to be attractive and sexy simultaneously. And they’re a hot trend that we’re obsessing over right now!.

 It is designed for bold girls who do not mind wearing transparent tops. You can pair them with high-waisted pants or a skirt.

     You can buy it online from the site

  • White Sheer off Shoulder Top 
  • Black Sheer Floral Top 
  • White Sheer Lace Top

These are the top five trendy tops for women, and you can explore more according to your style. It doesn’t stop at the top.

You can find jumpsuits, shirts, jackets, pants, dresses, winter wear, etc., on VERO MODA‘s official website and buy them online.


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