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6 Ways To Wear Men’s Shorts With Shirts This Season

Shorts are the wardrobe staples of men. Whether you want a casual everyday look or stylish look for a hot summer day, there is no occasion when shorts can’t pull off. However, when it comes to pairing shorts with shirts, people think there are just a couple of ways to do so. But that’s not true. You can style men’s shorts with shirts in more ways than you’ve imagined. That’s true!

In this article, we are sharing some simple yet stylish way to wear men’s shorts with shirts on different occasions. Keep reading!

6 Ways to Style Your Men’s Shorts With Shirts

Below are some simple ways you can style your favorite pair of shorts with shirts this season:

1.   Choose the Right Fit

First things first, always choose the fit of your men’s shorts carefully. It doesn’t matter how stunning your shirt looks, and how great quality your shorts are, if they are not your fit, you will not look and feel confident wearing them. So, stick to the right fit.

2.   Crisp White Shirt and Denim Shorts for Classy Look

A crisp white shirt paired with blue denim shorts, a leather strap watch, a pair of good sunglasses, and low sneakers or sandals, makes the most stylish look of all times. It is a perfect summer look and any one can pull off. Believe it or not, but this is a outfit that never goes out of style.

3.   Try Patterned Shorts with Solid Shirts

Solid shorts are great and call for a timeless outfit, but have you tried printed shorts?

Patterned shorts are among the hottest trends these days. If you’re a fashion enthusiast, then you must invest in a good pair of shorts in any print you want. For styling these shorts, go with plain shirts in a complementing color to your shorts. If you’re not into loud and vibrant patterns, go for subtle designs like stripes, checkered, etc.

4.   Light Shirt with Dark Shorts

If you’re planning to wear a pair of light colored men’s shorts, then consider wearing them with dark colored shirts and vice-versa. For example: if you’re wearing a pair of white colored shorts, then pair them with a half-sleeved black or brown printed shirt. Another tip for wearing light colored shorts is, always wear matching underwear beneath them.

5.   Blazer With Shorts for a Contemporary Look

Blazer with shorts are among the hottest trends in the fashion industry. You might have seen many celebrities and fashionistas flaunting them in various events. You can also try this style if you think you can pull it off. A good idea is to pair a same colored Blazer with your shorts and a contrasting shirt underneath it. Although it is a tricky style, you can look extremely stylish once you’re comfortable in this outfit.

6.   Pair with a Checkered Shirt for a Formal Look

Wearing shorts to the office? Yes, that’s true. If your office is not strict about a formal dress code and you’re allowed to wear casual clothes, then you can surely try this combination. All you need to do is, pair a classic pair of shorts with a semi-formal checkered shirt for a relaxed yet formal look. You can even pair a solid shirt for this purpose. In this way, you’ll be able to stay comfortable while looking uber stylish at the same time.

So, these are the ways you can style your men’s shorts with shirts. Shorts are very comfortable yet give off a casual and stylish vibe at the same time. The right pair of shorts can make you look put together effortlessly. So, always buy men’s shorts carefully and from a trusted brand. We hope it helps!

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