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Our tell-all guide to styling a piece of gemstone jewellery for a wedding

Weddings are once in a lifetime affair. That is why when it comes to getting ready to attend the wedding of your close one, looking the best version of yourself is essential. We all know how to get ready for a wedding, but when it comes to the final touches, like accessorizing the outfit, it can be a little tricky. Read on to know all you can about styling a piece of gemstone jewellery for a wedding.

Whether you are attending a wedding of your best friend, or somebody who means a lot to you, it is important that you look like one of the close ones of the bride or the groom. But if it is your own wedding and you are a little confused about how to style the lehenga of your dreams, then it is crucial that you do as much research as you can to look like the most beautiful bride in the world. Necklaces are one of the highlights of an Indian wedding. So wearing a necklace that will help you get all the compliments from the guests will be a great ego booster.

There are a lot of variants of a necklace. You can opt for a gold, silver, white gold, diamond, platinum, or ruby necklace to style your outfit. It will depend on your outfit. Here not just your outfit plays a vital role, but also the type of necklace you are wearing can make or break your whole game. Styling and carrying the outfit is the key to making a good impression. Here’s how you can style your piece of jewellery like a fashion pro.

Opt for great quality products

Whatever you are wearing, if it looks rich, then you have won the game already. Quality doesn’t always mean expensive. You can get great quality jewellery for lower prices if you look hard enough. Opting for products that look good will add a lot more charm to your silhouette.

Style according to the setting

If you are getting ready for a wedding, then you need to make sure you are well dressed, and the jewellery that you are wearing accentuates your whole look. But if you are getting ready to go to a formal event, then you may not want to add a lot of heavy jewellery to your look. Dressing based on the theme of the event will help you attain the perfect look, which will eventually lead to you getting a lot of compliments from all the guests.

Don’t overdo it

There is a thin line between the perfect amount of jewellery to wearing a lot of it. Overdoing it can turn the look from rich and classy to completely tacky. We don’t want to do that now, do we? For example, if you are wearing a very heavy necklace, then you shouldn’t pair it with long and heavy earrings. The main goal is to balance it all out. Overdoing it can ruin your whole get-up.

Be confident about your choice

Confidence carries a lot of weight when it comes to making the first impression of your outfit choices. So whatever you are wearing, if you are confident about your look, then nothing can stop you from feeling your best.

These are just some of the few tips on how you can style your outfit with the perfect piece of jewellery. 

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