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Buying Guide to Choosing the Right Backpack

If you love to hike and carrying backpacks is your kind of thing, chances are you are looking for the best quality backpack in the market.  You will need a backpack that fits your personality and the kind of outdoor activity you will be engaging in. 

You should also choose a backpack that matches your body. It should be able to carry the loads comfortably and efficiently. 

 But when buying waterproof backpacks for the first time, it can be more intimidating and overwhelming. You want to know the right questions to ask and ah exactly to look for in the backpack. This article shares some tips to help you choose your ideal backpack.

  1. What will you be using it for

When buying a backpack you should think of what excursions you will be using it for first before you walk into the store.  The size of the backpack is more important to consider. If you are going for long distance hikes you will need lightweight backpacks. For longer trips, you should also consider going for a bigger backpack.

Also, when you’re hiking in a warm place, you will need a backpack that offers ventilation for the back. A well-ventilated backpack prevents sweat from pooling on your back and causing a lot of discomforts.

  1. Go for the right size

When buying a specialty backpack, you want to ensure that it’s the right size to carry all your excursion items.  Once you have landed on the right model of a backpack to buy, you should measure your size and determine the backpack’s size.  Some backpack models come with belts, and shoulder straps adjust to the overall size.

  1. Attachment points

If you love to travel with your backpack when you hike, you need one with the right attachment points. A hiking backpack should have the right attachments or loops to keep the trekking poles.

You can also consider backpacks that come with a daisy chain, reinforced crampon patch, and some extra loops. A daisy chain is webbing that is stitched on the outside, and you can use it to store things like helmets and wet gear, which cannot fit inside the pack.

Look for backpacks with an extra gear loop because they are essential for clipping some extra gear for use in your excursions.

  1. Raincover

Are you planning a hike in the winter, and you expect it to rain when you are out? Look for a backpack with a rain cover. 

Ensure the interior fabric is treated with a waterproof coating. Also, the exterior should absorb all the excess water as it rains.  

  1. Pockets

If you plan to carry a lot of stuff on your excursions,  you will need a backpack that comes with a lot of pockets. While some prefer streamlined backpacks, others prefer those with pockets all over the sides.  

You should opt for bags with pockets on the shovel, hip, and top lid. You need a place to store things like your sunglasses and other things you don’t want to put inside the bag.

Final Thoughts

When you’re buying a backpack for your outdoor activities, you should figure out what you will use it for. Before you look at the different compartments the backpack comes with, you should figure out the backpack’s size, material, and design. These are just some attributes to look into when buying your first backpack.






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