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The Growing Popularity of Anime Swordsmen and their Weapons

Sword combat has been around for quite some time but has kept its relevance over the years. Even with technology, many individuals prefer the traditional style of sword fighting and this can be seen in countless shows that are dedicated to them. One show, in particular, is Demon Slayer which many consider to be a huge hit not only in Japan but also in the West. The weapons that the main characters are using, the Nichirin Sword are iconic because of their design.

A Sense of Mystery

One of the main reasons why swordsmen are popular is with how they portray themselves. Most sword users have their own rules and conduct that they abide by. This makes their presence feel more impactful whenever they are on the scene. The characters from Demon Slayer have their respective Nichirin Sword that they always carry with them. They may not share the same values but the main characters band together to get rid of their enemies. This makes them cool right from the start since they are often put in disadvantageous positions especially since they prefer to fight close. Regardless, having them see triumphant with a sword in their hand makes the fight fulfilling.

Easily Relatable

As kids, we often play with swords slashing and dashing our way through the enemies and this makes anime swordsmen easily relatable. Sword slashes are easy to replicate making them fun to try at your leisure and pace. Having one of the Demon Slayer swords on your hand can make roleplaying even better be it alone or with the company of friends. It is important, however, that you practice care and caution when practicing your swordplay as you don’t want to hurt others or get into any accidents.

They are Here to Stay

Swords are here to stay and they have been a common staple in many anime and manga. Fantasy animes like Demon Slayer have utilized these weapons greatly showing what skills and techniques one can pull off. As a result, fans are always looking for the new characters that they introduce along with their weapons. Another thing to note is that their popularity has also led to the production of many anime swords that one can easily purchase and acquire today. Many consider these types of merchandise to be a very much welcomed addition as it helps them honor their favorite anime character. Order yours today!

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