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How to Take Care of Dyed Hair

Whether the color is natural or unusual, colored hair requires a lot of care to keep it looking good. You don’t want all of the time and money you spent perfecting your look to go to waste, do you? There are several things to consider before getting your hair done.

Wash Less Frequently

The more you wash your hair, the more the color bleeds. While some individuals are concerned that not washing their hair, every day may cause it to look greasy, doing so actually dries out your hair and can be detrimental, with or without a dyed color. While natural hair should only be washed every 2-3 days, colored hair should only be washed once a week, if at all.

The Temperature of the Water

Did you know that hot water can cause some colors to bleed and run out faster? This is due to the fact that heat lifts the cuticles of your hair, causing it to fade. Along with simply washing your hair once a week, several hair professionals advocate rinsing it with cold water. If you still enjoy hot showers, remember to use a shower cap before entering.

Use Conditioner in Your Hair Often

If you don’t feel comfortable washing your hair merely once a week, shampooing less frequently can be beneficial. Go straight to the conditioner every 2-3 days. It not only cleans your hair, but it also provides softness and gloss, which may help your coloring last longer!

Shampoo with No Sulfates

Most shampoos contain sulfates, which can remove the color and brightness of your hair coloring. This is because sulfates can dry out the natural oils in your hair, removing the vibrant color you had applied. When purchasing shampoo, examine the labels carefully to discover if the components contain sulfate. You might also ask your stylist about the shampoo they recommend after you get your hair done. They may even try to sell it to you!

Allow Your Hair to Air Dry

Heat, like water temperature, dries out your hair and dulls the color, so a hairdryer is bound to do the same. It is fine to let your hair dry naturally in this scenario. Be patient, even if it takes a bit longer. This merely implies that you will be able to preserve the color you adore for a longer period of time while causing no harm.

If you do decide to use a hair dryer or styling tools like straighteners and curling irons, make sure to use a heat protectant in your hair. There are many heat protectants on the market, so choose the one that best suits your demands. Many heat protectors contain conditioning agents that keep your hair moisturized and shining.

Consult Your Stylist

If anything, your hair stylist will be the most knowledgeable on what to do with your newly dyed hair. If you need a hair salon in Fairfield, CT, select Luscious and Co. to locate trustworthy stylists with this knowledge.

Along with years of experience, our stylists stay up with the industry’s ever-changing hair trends so that we can adapt to your needs and educate you on the best hair care available. Your hair is an extension of yourself. Continue to let it shine by following the guidelines given above!

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