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4 Ways To Authenticate Tom Ford Sunglasses

If you’re heading to the beach, the pool, or on vacation this summer, or even if you’re just taking a stroll through the city, don’t forget your Tom Ford sunglasses! If you’re feeling frisky, now might be a good time to splurge on a new pair of Tom Ford sunglasses. There are so many Tom Ford sunglasses out there and so many locations to buy them, both on the high street and on the internet. How do you tell if you’re receiving the real deal or not?

If you’re looking for an easy way to spot a fake pair of Tom Ford sunglasses, look no further. You can prevent counterfeits by following our illustrated advice.

Former Gucci designer Tom Ford produces extraordinary eyeglass collections. Luxurious, cool, and elegant are just a few words that describe Tom Ford sunglasses. Full and half-rim variants, as well as plastic, metal, and leather-framed sunglasses, are all available in the collection.

There are a few exceptionally well-known models in this category: Jennifer FT0008, Whitney, and Raquel are all well-known. Tom Ford gives customers a vivid assortment of traditional, exclusive, and trendy sunglasses.

1. Logo inserts:

The temple arms of Tom Ford sunglasses have metal inlays. The usual gold metal insert should have Tom Ford engraved on it. This feature will not be present in many of the replicas available for sale in the open market. It’s impossible to recreate since it’s too costly and time-consuming. Always inspect the tips of your temple arms to verify if this feature is there; any pair that does not has an automatic red alert.

2. Serial number:

The inner arm of the temple, the tip, the inside of the arm, and the left arm, in general, all have this design element. On the inside temple arm, you’ll find a model number and colour code, but this isn’t it. Although the serial number is thin and difficult to read, it should be engraved rather than printed on the frame. 

Because of this, you can feel the texture by running your finger across the tip. An example of the sequence is LP3159775. As with the Tom Ford sunglasses box, this number should match any OEM plastic housings and accessories. You should also be wary of serial numbers that don’t appear to line up with other factory markings on the plastic or the box.

3. Lens Logo:

On the lens of the sunglasses, the Tom Ford India logo will usually be carved in the upper left corner of the left lens. Look through the Tom Ford sunglasses and you should see it at the upper right corner of the right lens, or the upper left corner of the left lens, depending on how you’re looking at it. Double-check the typeface and spacing to make sure it complies with the formality of the business logo.

4. Design of Nose Piece:

This is a common practice among high-end designers and even some lesser-known brands. When you put on your spectacles, the nose parts stick to the bridge of your nose. Allowing for adjustment to the size of your nose, dynamic nose plugs are commonplace. On the plastic or the metal face inside the plastic, the logo will be imprinted. A Tom Ford sunglasses “TF” emblem should be stamped on the nosepiece, and this logo is reflective in direct light, frequently reflecting a gold-coloured hue.

If you want to buy Tom Ford sunglasses, look for the logo inserts on temple arms, the serial number on the inner tip that matches the manufacturer stickers, the logo on the lens, and Tom Ford sunglasses logo on the nose piece while purchasing. The presence of these features does not guarantee that the Tom Ford sunglasses are genuine; rather, the absence of even one of these characteristics raises the possibility of authenticity concerns. Have a safe Tom Ford Sunglasses shopping experience with these useful tips.


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