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Explore the best toys appropriate for your 1-year-olds 

Your little ones at one year old are growing and are more curious each day. You can encourage their curiosity with toys for 1 year olds that make noise, move, and imitate the world around them. Your toddler is becoming adept at creative thinking, thus pretending will become a huge part of playtime. Numerous baby toys compete for a spot in your cart. It can be challenging to narrow down what toys are ideal for the development of your 1-year-old. 

At this age, everything has the chance to captivate your child’s senses, teach helpful behavioral lessons, and inspire their imagination. To uplift their mental, physical, and emotional growth. Some features aid to help you choose the best toys for your 1-year-olds. 

Check these features when selecting toys for your one-year-old: 

  • Toys that encourage/ require coordination

Your kiddo likes to get their mouths and hands on everything. Thus, it is the ideal time to begin stocking toys that gross motor development and boost coordination. 

  • Bright colors toys

Little ones can determine vibrant colors easily as their vision develops. Thus, they more like to learn and play with bright color toys. 

  • Toys that get them moving

Toys that a baby can pull or push with a string stimulate mobility. 

  • Toys that introduce parallel play and sharing

Parallel play is an earlier stage of social development of children, thus having toys that many toddlers can share will aid them to get them on the path to becoming social butterflies. 

Check out the best toys appropriate for 1-year-olds

  • Baby’s first building blocks

One of the favorite pastimes of a lot of toddlers is piling up towers and knocking them down. Once your little one has advanced their coordination to manage a stacking toy, it’s time for them to level up to building blocks. This six-block starter set highlights fun extras and bright colors. 

  • Xylo-fun

This brilliantly colored musical toy provides two ways to play. Kids can pull the xylophone out and play it solo or can use the mallet to pound the balls. Either way, playing this instrument aids babies to develop dexterity, musical skills, and hand-eye coordination.  

  • Puzzle Primer

This five-piece simple puzzle makes an amazing introduction to form their hand-eye coordination. Also, to understand the idea of fitting things tiger before they upgrade to advanced puzzles. 

  • Green toys recycled plastic dump truck 

Stuffed animals, sand blocks, and whatever your toddler imagines to carry around, this dump truck can manage. This truck is sturdy, fully functional, and eco-friendly. It’s a perfect huge vehicle even for the youngest toddlers to push around. 

  • Boon Pipes Bath Toy

For one-year-olds, bath time is a fun time. These vibrant tubes and pipes will encourage hands-on learning and creativity. Little ones will prefer creating interesting designs and shapes on the wall. 

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