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How to Care for Hair Toppers

Hair toppers need some love and care to make sure they are looking their best and to last you a long time. How often you wear your hair toppers determines how often you need to cleanse the hair. It is recommended you wash your topper bi-weekly or monthly depending on your activity level. Here are some tips on how to care for and maintain your hair topper birmingham mi.

 Washing Your Human Hair Toppers

  1. Fill up a bowl or sink with lukewarm water and mix a small amount of shampoo into the water to create a lather. Use high-quality products that contain no silicones, parabens, or sulfates. Gently brush your hairpiece to remove knots or tangles, then dip the hair into the water.

Hair Systems: Why You Should Not Use Regular Shampoo or Conditioner

  1. Work the hair topper into the soapy water dipping it in and out, and gently massage the hair. Drain the water and rinse out the shampoo completely with running water. You can repeat the process if you feel the hair needs it.
  2. Apply conditioner to your hair topper, avoiding the scalp area as this may cause the knots to loosen. Thoroughly rinse out all the conditioner. If you have a blonde hair topper, use a hydrating conditioning hair mask every month, and rinse well.

 Styling Hair Toppers

You can use styling tools such as curling tongs, hairdryers, or hair straighteners. Styling your blonde hair toppers, for example, on a mannequin head with a clamp is recommended for ease of use. Pin down the topper with T pins and insert the pins carefully through the clips. Avoid pinning through the silk area or silicone area.

To prevent heat damage and ensure your hairpieces are durable, always use a high-quality heat protectant when heat styling and use a low heat setting. Salon quality products like hair oils or serums are safe to use. However, avoid using colored products such as root sprays or color sprays. This may lead to lace or silk material discoloration or ruining the hair texture.

 Storing Hair Toppers

There are several ways you can store hair toppers for women. You can store your hairpiece on a mannequin head when you are not wearing it to help retain its shape. Make sure the mannequin head matches the size of your head to prevent the hair topper from stretching out.

Another way you can store your human hair toppers is in a satin bag. Do not store your hair topper in direct sunlight, as it may cause the color to oxidize.


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